About Society

Qadariya Razviya Educational & Social Welfare Society dedicated to the memory of renowned Hazrat Abu Muhammad Muhiyuddin Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) the founder of Qadiri order Sufi and from life of Razvi Sufi. The Society was registered under the Societies Registration Act.
Qadariya Razviya Educational & Social Welfare Society derives inspiration from the life and teachings of a galaxy of illustrious Sufis Hazrat Abu Muhammad Muhiyuddin Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) & Razvi Sufis. This Society is registered to spread education from Uttar Pradesh to Pan India. It aims to ensure better career development and skills enhancement of the Indian workforce. We will become registered Vocational Training Partner and Sector Skill Council partner very soon.

Societies Objective

  • To establish and maintain educational institutions with the prefix ‘Qadariya Razviya’.
  • To establish and administer institutions under the rights and duties as provided under Article 30 of the Indian Constitution.
  • To establish institutions for social, cultural, educational, moral, technical and societal uplift of the country.
  • To establish and maintain educational institutions from Nursery to Diploma/Degree level.
  • To explore and open avenues in job oriented training to generate self-employment for women and the downtrodden people.
  • To establish and run minority coaching centers for competitive examinations.
  • To affiliate institutions of the Society with relevant bodies.
  • To grant financial assistance and award scholarships to deserving students.
  • To promote tolerance, communal harmony and goodwill among various groups of people.
  • To receive donations, aids, grants, membership fee as well as movable and immovable properties in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the society.
  • To do all other legally permissible acts and things which are requisite and incidental to attain the aims and objectives of the society.
  • Identify less educated, unemployed and economically backward but talented youth.
  • Train them with industry relevant skills in sectors: Retail sale & operations, Tourism & Hospitality, Healthcare & Logistics, Apparel & Textiles and Banking and Finance ( And other technical courses as well).
  • Get them assessed and certified by the Certifying Agency.

About School

QR Smart School is the first endeavor to reach milestone set by the society. The school was established in the year of 2016 and it has emerged as a popular institution that strives to enlighten lives of rural population, situated in outskirt of Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh, in serene pollution free surroundings, school provides supportive environment which contributes to growth and education of children.
QR Smart School has Kids section equipped with all the resources to nurture growth step by step with understanding children mind and stage of development. The curriculum is designed and implemented based on natural capability of the child. At junior section level, the school kindles interest in children to understand the basic and explore the world. Here they learn to question, analyze, classify and communicate their perception. The school uses very student centric method, totally different from conventional method. Here syllabus and activities are designed with focus to make them communicate effectively. At Middle section level the curriculum ensures special inputs for students to adept at all subjects. Spacious and airy classrooms of the outstanding academic block make learning comfortable and interesting. A great deal of emphasis is placed on 'one-on-one' teaching and interaction with people eminent in diverse fields. The low teacher-student ratio allows each student to be treated as an individual. The school is working on senior section part. The senior section will start from new academic year 2020. The school will share update on it.

Our Vision

In service to the Divine, we bring good works to the world we live in by spreading love, peace, and togetherness for the good of all. We believe we can make our vision true only through education and livelihood.

Our Mission

To establish institutions and coaching centers in every state of India